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SNEmulDS v0.6

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Extra Form

The preview-alpha version of SNEmulDS 0.6 is now available for all the brave testers around the world!

The GUI artworks are not ready, so you have a “naked” and not very pretty GUI, but at least, you have the multi languages support!

You can check if your language is correct.
You can choose one of the language in the firmware or some language by editing the snemul.cfg :
# Language of GUI
# -1 -> Use firmware settings
Firmware languages:
# 0 -> Japanese (Katakana only)
# 1 -> English
# 2 -> French
# 3 -> German
# 4 -> Italian
# 5 -> Spanish
Non firmware languages:
# 106 -> Portuguese
# 107 -> Catalan
# 108 -> Polish
# 109 -> Dutch
# 110 -> Danish

Various External RAM packages can be used to improve large rom emulation, see snemul.cfg for more informations.

Scaling support has three modes :
- Full screen : nearly like snezzids
- Half scaling : “smart” scaling, only reduce half the backgrounds, and doesn’t squish sprites. It looks quite fine in games.
- No scaling : no scaling at all, classic SNEmulDS mode, still default

Here is the complete list of changes compated to 0.5 beta:

- New GUI using framebuffer for sub screen
- Better human interface, improved file selector (alphabetical sorted), buttons, check boxes, multi choose zones, etc.
- New GUI supports joypad (joypad is not supported when emulator is running however).
- Multi language support (more than 10 supported, including katakan japanese !)
- Memory pak support (Opera RAM, Slot 2 card reader, etc. using libram) with paging or with large ROM mapping
- Scaling with pseudo bi-linear filtering and sprites squishing : full screen scaling (like snezzids), half scaling (half scaled and without sprites squishing), and no scaling (classic snemulds mode)
- Autiomatic SRAM saving when needed
- Some other bugfixes and improvements in GUI


닌텐도 슈퍼페미콤에뮬레이터입니다.

확장자명이 smc.sfc파일을 지원합니다.


다운로드 :




안녕하세요 웹마스터 DNAVI입니다.

컴퓨터에서 돌아가는 OS와 소프트웨어를 설치하고 운영하는데 관심이 많습니다.

PC  :

homebuilt computer(Intel i7-4790K, ASUS MAXIMUS Ranger Vii, AMD Radeon R290),

homebuilt computer(AMD Phenom X4 630, GIGABYTE GA-61P-S3, NVIDIA GT8600),

Apple iMac 2009 late(Intel E7600)

Apple MacMini 2018(Intel i5-8500B, A1993)

homebuilt computer(AMD Ryzen 3200G, Asrock B450 Steel Legend)

Notebook :

Lenovo Thinkpad T420s(Intel i5-2540M)

Apple Macbook Air 2011 Mid(11inch, i5-2467M A1370)

Server :

Dell PowerEdge R420(Intel XEON E5-2407)

Dell PowerEdge R710

HP Proliant Microserver Gen8(Intel XEON E3-1230V2)

NAS : Synology.DS218+, BUFFALO LinkStation Live LS-XL/E


Samsung Galaxy S8

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, Mi 8

Lenovo Phab2 Pro

Apple iPhone 5

Huawei X3, Nova Smart

Blackberry 9790

Tablet :

Apple iPad Air2

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Game Console :

Sony PSP, PS3, PS4 Pro

Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox One X

Nintendo DS Lite, 3DS XL, Switch Lite,

HardKernel Odrid Go Advance Black Edition

Gamepark GP2X-F100

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