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UK VISA Question & Answer

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UK VISA Officer: Your passport Please.

I : Here is it / Here you go.


UK VISA Officer: What’s your name and date of birth?

I : My name is Umiko Tanaka and my date of birth is the 3rd of January 1995

UK VISA Officer: What is the purpose of your visit? / Why are you visiting UK? /Why have you come to UK? / What did you visito to UK / what's the purpose of you trip? / 

I : For tralve or sightseeing. / I here to study / I'm here on business / just transit / I'm here on vacation


UK VISA Officer:  How long will you stay? / How long are you going to stay?

I: For 5 days / I'm staying for 3days?

UK VISA Officer: Where will you be staying?

I: I am goona stay at the hotel near King's cross / I'm going to staying at London hotel. / london hotel. 

UK VISA Officer: Have you visited UK before?

I: No. this is first time visiting UK. I am very exited. / No. I'm travelling Europe and UK is the first place.

UK VISA Officer: How long will you be staying?

I: I am planning to stay in London for three days and go back to Korea.


UK VISA Officer: Why have you come to the UK? 

 I: I have come here for an English Study Abroad for 7 months.


UK VISA Officer: What are you planning to do after a completion of your study? 

I:  I am planning to travel Europe and go back to Korea to return to University.

 / I am planning to enter the University in the UK.


UK VISA Officer: Where are you going to stay at? 

I:  I am going to stay in homestay. The address is *****. 


UK VISA Officer: Have you ever stayed in the UK for over 6 months before?

I: I have not been to the UK before. /  I have been to the UK while I was traveling Europe. 


UK VISA Officer: Do you get a return ticket? 

I: Yes, I have it. 


UK VISA Officer: Have you got a chest X-ray? 

I:  Yes. I have it. / No.


UK VISA Officer: Do have you any relatives who lives in the UK? 

I:  No, I don't know anyone else in the UK. 




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